Green construction and renovation services for Architects and Designers

Green Home Building & Major Renovations the Sustainable Way

  • Without paying more
  • With functionality and beauty
  • Using the Enviro-Logic™ process

Designed To Help You Reassure & Protect Your Clients

Our value proposition to you and your clients is simple:
We partner with you to provide honest, green construction planning and management without inflating costs.

When you partner with MyHaven GreenVision Homes, your clients directly benefit from our years of right–from–the–site green experience and value engineering solutions. That’s client peace–of–mind money just can’t buy.

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Your Business Building Needs A Sustainable Strategy

You can reduce the impact of recessionary times on your firm’s profitability when you focus on strategic green growth — and build a stronger business future.

Show your clients how green home building can lower their overall cost of home ownership, from new homes to green renovations, to provide a cleaner and safer living space, and save the environment.

Strong Relationships Based On Trust

Partnering with an ethical green construction firm such as MyHaven GreenVision Homes sends a strong message to your clients about your belief in creating and building cleaner, safer, healthier homes with the least environmental impact possible.

MyHaven GreenVision and the MyHaven proprietary Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Construction Management Process are our commitment to providing you with the green construction support you need to assure your clients they’re receiving the best value possible on their home project. And that their new home or renovation is environmentally friendly.

Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Living = Happier Clients

Get more clients with the MyHaven GreenVision difference.

Straight talk, clear thinking, quick decisions. That’s how we work. GreenVision is for right now, and tomorrow, and the future.

It’s about building your practice, building new spaces, and building relationships with your clients that last a lifetime.

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Call Paul Caverly at: (905) 508–8075 to arrange a project planning consultation.

Our GreenVision and Enviro–Logic™ goal, in partnership with Architects, is to build efficient new green homes that reduce our dependancy on non–renewable energy sources by minimising the carbon footprint of new home construction, renovations, and annual upkeep.

MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly
MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly

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