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David Lang Is A MyHaven GreenVision Enviro–Logic™ Partner.


Site visit for measurements of existing structure(s).

Prepare as-built architectural drawings for existing structure(s) to be used to develop proposed architectural plans. Proposed architectural plans will consist of all relevant floor plans, roof plans, exterior elevations and site plan.

Coordinate with contractor(s) and engineer(s) to incorporate structural and municipal design specifications into final construction plans. Final construction plans will consist of the proposed architectural plans including all construction notes and specifications as required for building permit application.


Submit plans to building department before building permit application to review all applicable laws such as local zoning regulations, conservation authorities, historical designation, etc...
Submit final construction plans and related documentation for building permit application.


Prepare and submit client's plans and documentation to the building department for Committee of Adjustments (COA) application. Attend committee hearing either with client or on client's behalf.


Please call for a quote regarding above services. Additional fees would include other items related to applications, documents, specifications, and professional services as required. These items could include:
- Fees for structural engineers and other professional services
- Fees for permit applications (e.g., building permit, project review, COA, etc...)
- Additional site visits as requested by client for inspections and consulting.


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