How We Work  

How We Work

We Create Relationships

We know the best way to create great homes. It’s to create relationships based on mutual trust and respect. And that’s exactly how we work at every stage of your project.

Our intent is to build working relationships based on accountability, respect and trust, not just to construct buildings and run.

“It’s a pleasure to work with people who are honourable, professional and whose craftsmanship surpassed my expectations.”

Homeowner Karen Savage

A GreenVision Partnership

We work in partnership with you and your clients.

We understand the balance required between homeowner, Architect and construction management firm. Our first order of business is creating relationships you can rely on, because the heart of this business is people and people’s expectations.

Our greatest value is in the balancing act between design desire and budget reality. We’ve worked with Architects over the years to cost out and adapt dream spaces to the realities of client budgets. And succeeded.

Our in–the–field experience has benefitted the process from delivering value engineering solutions that make designs work — to materials familiarity and experience that lift your vision towards the ideal.

GreenVision Benefits

GreenVision benefits your practice and clients in three ways.

Firstly, you receive the benefit of our accumulated knowledge to assist you in costing and planning your projects.

Secondly, you and your clients receive our assurance that the project is capably managed within the scope of the Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step process. Enviro–Logic™ ensures responsible workmanship, safety standards, and green project management you can rely on.

Thirdly, you and your clients are the recipients of expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, our commitment to quality standards and eco–friendly construction methods, and the professionalism of our employees and trades.

We value lasting relationships and offer our green ideas, knowledge, and experience to you and your clients to create strong, long lasting partnerships.

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Call Paul Caverly at: (905) 508–8075 to arrange a project planning consultation.

Our GreenVision and Enviro–Logic™ goal, in partnership with Architects, is to build efficient new green homes that reduce our dependancy on non–renewable energy sources by minimising the carbon footprint of new home construction, renovations, and annual upkeep.

MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly
How We Work
MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly

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