Why Green?  

Why Build Green Homes?

Environmental Stewardship

Green homes saves our environment. It’s that simple. If we don’t take steps to save and nurture our environment, who will?

It’s Respectful & Ethical Development

Because everything we do has an impact. We focus on building green because we know it’s important to offer your clients green alternatives for eco–friendly homes that make financial sense. And because it’s now law for multi–home development, and single family dwellings will follow soon.

Your Green Support Option

Our mission is to support Architects and your clients by offering green standard, compliant construction management for new green homes and green renovations in the Toronto area.

We are Toronto’s leading green construction management firm.

Our green support starts in the project pre–planning stages as we partner with you to find the balance between cost and vision that every project goes through prior to client approval.

More than quality control and expert craftsmanship, green management means suggesting green and sustainable building options for your consideration. It means supporting our partner Architecture firms to provide your clients with cost effective, eco–friendly housing choices.

Save Tax Dollars

The Toronto Green Standard for new home development now states that projects which conform to Tier 2 environmental standards will be eligible for a tax rebate/refund of 20%. Single family dwellings will soon qualify for the same.

Minimal Environment Impact

Our GreenVision is more than on–site materials waste prevention and green roofs. It’s energy and resources conservation.

The MyHaven GreenVision is designed to reduce reliance on non–renewable energy sources of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear. That saves on construction impact and costs — and lowers the lifetime maintenance costs of your client’s new home.

A Lack Of Green Construction Alternatives

There are not many eco–friendly, green construction firms available in the GTA for your projects. We know, because we’ve looked.

We believe your clients should have the option of selecting a green construction firm to partner with their Architect, and contribute green expertise from the planning and costing stages through to a final budget, approval, and construction.

How Green Homes Benefit Your Clients

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our number one reason for promoting and building green homes? Overall reduction of energy consumption. That translates into money savings for your clients year after year. And it means a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and the use of non–renewable energy resources.

Increased Resale Value

Green homes have a higher resale value, based on reduced energy needs and lower overall operating costs.

Reduced Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption saves you money over the lifetime of your home, and storm water recovery strategies for your yard and garden actually reduce Lake Ontario water pollution and reduce Toronto infrastructure costs.

Longer Lasting Structures (Durable Structures)

Because some recycled products have a longer life–span than natural materials, specifying recycled materials and products can add to the lifetime of the project and reduce yearly maintenance. Another money saving feature of an eco–friendly home.

Durable structures can be achieved through moisture management, applied building science, execution of building envelopes, careful materials specification and selection, and through partnering with ethical, responsible builders like MyHaven GreenVision Homes.

Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Air

Pre–planning a green home can include specifying building materials, coverings, carpeting, flooring and paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) creating a home with less indoor air pollution than conventional new homes and renovations.

We are leaders in using advanced techniques to control air–born pollutants pre–, during, and post–construction.

Increased Personal Productivity

Studies have proven that cleaner air makes us more productive. After all, when your mind isn’t gummed up with invisible toxins, it’s easier to think clearly. Non–toxic adhesives, cleaners, and paints have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment as your home ages. Inside and out, green vision is a winning plan.

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Become An Enviro–Logic™ Partner

Enviro–Logic™ matters. Because responsible GreenVision reduces the overall costs of home ownership.

The Enviro–Logic™ Process is strictly reserved for MyHaven GreenVision Homes partner firms.

To gain access to the Enviro–Logic™ Methodology — that provides peace of mind reassurance for your clients, and differentiates your firm with a meaningful green message — please activate your charter partnership with MyHaven GreenVision Homes by calling Paul Caverly at (905) 508–8075.

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