Protect All Your Client Projects With The
Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Process

Client Protection & Waste Prevention Through Green Leadership

The foundation of our GreenVision philosophy is the Enviro–Logic™ process.

Your client projects are triple protected by the Enviro–Logic™ Process when you partner with MyHaven GreenVision Homes.

  • Pre–Construction— During planning and design;
  • Construction— On–site monitoring;
  • Post–Construction— Follow up and fine–tuning.

We’ve developed a proprietary, 37–Step Green Construction Management Process for our partner Architectural and Design firms and your clientele. It’s called “Enviro–Logic™.”

Use the Enviro–Logic™ brand in your client presentations to guarantee your clients the highest quality of green construction management available in the Toronto area.

“As promised… We were always treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our questions and concerns were addressed quickly… and we were always informed of, and asked to approve, any necessary changes to the original projected cost. Our beautiful new living space was completed on time, within budget and without serious complications.”

Ruthanne Corman & Brendan Reay

Cleaner, Safer, Healthier

The goal of Enviro–Logic™ is to promote a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. From planning and design, to the construction work site, and through to the finished living space.

The Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Process is our method of guaranteeing a safer, cleaner, healthier project for everyone.

Standards Compliant

Deployed on every project, the Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Process ensures each project, from planning through construction to post construction customer care adheres to any pre determined certification goals such as Green Home, EnergySTAR or LEED.

We keep you and your client advised of any rebate and incentives programs offered by Industry and Governmental bodies and help to obtain them.

Your Client’s Peace of Mind

As a partner firm of MyHaven GreenVision Homes, you are granted unrestricted use of the proprietary Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Process.

It ensures all your projects have been individually assessed for green choices and alternatives within your client’s budget.

And shows your clients how the whole construction process will unfold.

An Exclusive MyHaven GreenVision Homes Brand

The Enviro–Logic™ Process is a service provided exclusively by MyHaven Homes. There’s never any charge for an Enviro–Logic™ assessment. MyHaven GreenVision Homes undertakes each assessment at the pre–planning and planning stages of your project.

An Enviro–Logic™ Assessment provides your clients with invaluable insight to the green potential of their dream home, and the potential economic savings*(estimated) of implementing specific green solutions during design and construction.

Become An Enviro–Logic™ Partner

Access to the Enviro–Logic™ Process is strictly reserved for MyHaven GreenVision Homes partner firms.

One instant benefit of becoming a MyHaven GreenVision Homes partner is inclusion on the Toronto Green Architect’s Directory—a professional directory aimed at homeowners looking for green design assistance.

To gain access to the Enviro–Logic™ Methodology — that provides peace of mind reassurance for your clients, and differentiates your firm with a meaningful green message—please activate your charter partnership with MyHaven GreenVision Homes by calling Paul Caverly at (905) 508–8075.

MyHaven GreenVision Homes

We are Toronto based green Builders, Contractors, Renovators partnering directly with Architects and Designers to create green, energy efficient homes using sustainable materials and methods, to minimize manufacturing, transportation, and construction waste during the planning and building phases of your projects.

Get started with MyHaven GreenVision Homes today by calling us

Call Paul Caverly at: (905) 508–8075 to arrange a project planning consultation.

Our GreenVision and Enviro–Logic™ goal, in partnership with Architects, is to build efficient new green homes that reduce our dependancy on non–renewable energy sources by minimising the carbon footprint of new home construction, renovations, and annual upkeep.

Enviro-Logic strengthens your firm's green committment
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MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly
Interior of the Bishop project

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