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The GreenVision Value Proposition

We partner with you to provide honest, green construction management and planning without inflating costs.

The foundation of our GreenVision philosophy is our proprietary Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step process. It keeps you and your clients informed and up–to–date throughout construction, providing value engineering solutions when needed. And green milestones for every phase of your project.

“Your detailed budgets, design drawings and knowledgeable advice made the many decisions I had to make easy. I appreciate your professionalism in working everything out with the property manager and getting the work done on time.”

Ian Nicholson, Harbour Square

Do You Believe In GreenVision?

GreenVision shows potential clients your firm cares, and has cost–effective green construction solutions for new homes and major renovations.

Demonstrate your green commitment by partnering with MyHaven GreenVision Homes, the only Toronto area green contractor with the GreenVision for a cleaner, safer, healthier home & city.

Your Client’s GreenVision Advantage

GreenVision is about providing you with the knowledge and experience you need to provide valuable, thought–provoking, well considered choices to your clients.

  • It’s about one–on–one privileged consultations for you & your clients;
  • it’s about showcasing your firm and selected projects to prospective clients in the Toronto Green Architect’s Directory on this web site;
  • it’s about the MyHaven proprietary Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Construction Management Process;
  • it’s about value engineering solutions;
  • it’s about researching & providing information to you and your team about new technologies and methods;
  • it’s about showing you vendor sites and locations for sourcing materials locally;
  • it’s about reducing the carbon–impact of materials and construction for your projects;
  • and making informed, smart choices for cleaner, safer, healthier homes and cities for us and our grandchildren’s children.

GreenVision Builds Your Practice

Offering green knowledge, alternatives and solutions will increase the probability of you attracting new clients. Why? Because homeowners and buyers DO want to go, do, and be green. As long as being green doesn’t put their finances in the red.

It’s proactive business planning — delivering exactly what your new prospects are looking for. Cost–effective green construction.

A High–Performance Green Machine

Going green while saving money is a persuasive sales tool for growing your practice’s client base. Even when none of your clients walk in with green on their mind—offering economical green solutions within the parameters of your design positions your firm as an ethical, responsible green–sensitive performer.

Take advantage of the responsible green solutions that are built in to our proprietary Enviro–Logic™ 37–Step Construction Management Process. It helps make the whole scary construction process more friendly to your clients—because it’s clearly explained.

Green Thought Leadership Matters

Partnering with MyHaven GreenVision Homes, Toronto’s leading green home construction firm, on your projects also positions your firm as experts in green thought leadership and deployment.

Your firm’s design skills and space solutions combined with our practical, in–the–field experience work together to provide your clients with the green solutions that make the greatest savings impact. A win–win for your clients and the practice.

GreenVision Is Personal Green Power

It’s powerful. It’s also personal. You, your clients, and each of us at MyHaven GreenVision Homes have the power to plan green and save money; natural resources; and energy.

Because we know that GreenVision helps reduce the overall costs of home ownership, whether you live in a 30th floor condominium or a 19th century restoration. GreenVision is more than new home construction, GreenVision is all about responsible living spaces, wherever you live.

Reduced Cost Of Home Ownership

GreenVision ensures your clients will qualify for tax savings and Government incentive plans, and avoids potential future penalties that may be levied on non–efficient homes.

By exceeding the current Building Code and building to certification requirements for Green or LEED Homes programs—your clients are in the coveted position of leading the green vision, and saving money through reduced consumption while making money when it’s time to sell.

They Never Spend More Than They Need

GreenVision includes carefully tailored green alternatives for every project. Our proprietary eco–friendly construction management provides green alternatives for every budget. Because we know your clients don’t want to spend more than they need.

Our consultative approach gives you flexible solutions to be successful in an ever–changing green market.

MyHaven GreenVision

Through projects as diverse as a Victorian restoration in Yorkville and a Modern Custom Home on the Scarborough Bluffs, MyHaven GreenVision Homes has the proven experience and skills to create your client’s vision—and deliver tested green–smart construction methods and processes..

More than common sense and practical thinking, building green is smart.

Get Enviro-Logic green construction management

Call Paul Caverly at: (905) 508–8075 to arrange a project planning consultation.

Our GreenVision and Enviro–Logic™ goal, in partnership with Architects, is to build efficient new green homes that reduce our dependancy on non–renewable energy sources by minimising the carbon footprint of new home construction, renovations, and annual maintenance.

MyHaven GreenVision Homes principle Paul Caverly
Get Enviro-Logic green construction management
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